4 die in Gulmi road accident

Four persons died in a jeep accident that took place at Darbar Devisthan VDC-8 in Gulmi district this morning.

Nine-year-old Dibas Saru, Mahendra Kunwar, 35, and Jamuna Khatri,50, and Sanu Miyan of Balkot VDC of Arghakhanchi district died when a jeep (Lu 1 Ja 2529) they were travelling met with an accident at Myal Pokhara of Darbar Devisthan VDC.

They were heading to visit the Supa Deurali temple at Arghakhanchi from Darbar Devisthan.

Ten people injured in the accident have been rushed to Palpa for further treatment. Of them, the condition of four is reported to be critical, according to Nishant Shreebastav, Police Inspector at the District Police Office, Gulmi.

The jeep reportedly fell 50 meters down the road while the driver was trying to give way to other vehicles coming from the opposite direction, police said.

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