NRN UAE to fund for practice net

NRN UAE inked a deal with Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) on Saturday to provide fund for building an indoor practice net at the under construction Mulpani Cricket Ground.

According to CAN the indoor practice net will consist of two pitches with 100 ft length and 35 feet width where players can practice during the monsoon season.
“Due to lack of infrastructure our players have been unable to practice during the rainy season,” CAN president Tanka Angbuhang said, “Once this practice net is completed they can train throughout the year irrespective of the season.”  
As per the plan facilities like videography will also be available to players. General Secretary of CAN Ashok Nath Pyakurel said the estimated cost for constructing the indoor practice net  facilities is Rs 62,00,000.
NRN UAE president Chandra Rokaya and Angubang signed the deal to effect. Rokaya said that cricket is a game with potential in Nepal and that he will start colleting fund for the project now.
“I will now start collecting fund for the project with NRN members,” Rokaya said, “I give my word to gather the fund for the project which will aide our players preparation. The project in my opinion will complete within next six months.”

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