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Maha Mrityunjaya Shivasan-Palpa

The place where the world's biggest metalic idol of lord Shiva in position of meditation (Bhabasan) is located. The founder had given the name of Shivaji as Mrityunjaya on the name of " Maha-Mrityunjaya Mantra" which is recited and meditated for 7 years unless got direct influecce of the great mantra on his practicke life.

It is 315 kms west from KTM- the capital of Nepal and 75 kms north of Lumbini- the birth place of Buddha.Shivasan is spiritually so important and iconic as it is in the epicentre of world's spiritual centres such as Amarnath to the west, Pashupatinath to the east, Mount Kailash- Manasarovara; the home of lord Shiva- to the north and Varanasi to the south and is captured by the River Kali Gandaki(Tha holy river) on her lap.

The Idol is uniquely built in sitting position having 12 ft body height with total height of 18 ft from the base and the total weight is 3000 kgs. It is claimed one of the pure metal idols ever built with the composition of 70% Copper and 30%Brass. It was built in Patan-Nepal, the most popular place for idols sculpture in the world , by the famous and experienced architects and technicians taking 2 years to complete with the cost of Rs 9 millions($ 90,000).The total cost was managed by the founder himself with his wife.With physical and mental supports from his loyal brothers Chhabi Bashyal and Resmi Bashyal for 2 years, the idol was completed.

Along with the biggest metalic idol, the biggest bell in the country, the oxen and the trident will also be added in the temple surroundings. Apart from these; ambulance service, old people care home and Saskrit school will be added.

The land was provided to locate the idol and other infrastructures according to the Master Plan by the founder's father Mr Jhillu Prasad Bashyal.The land and the Idol is handed over to the state which is now the property of the Government Of Nepal although it is organised by the committee.


In every Shivaratri, Balachaturdashi and in all Mondays from the month of Srawan;- the full body of Shivaji will be shown while doing MAHA SNAN and it will be openday.Apart from these important days, the idol will be covered after the early snan with the red cloth showing only the face.

Everyday snan is done by the priests followed by the Aarati bringing from Akhandadeep( which was stablished in Akchhaya tritiya- 2012), homan in the Akhandadhuni( stablished on inaguration day19 th of February 2014) from where Bibhuti will be carried to present Shivaji. This is the most important stage of rituals after Maha Snan of the place.

The idol was inagurated , organising Maha Puja with 111 bramans chanting 5 hours Maha Mrityunjaya mantra, arranged by the committee and the local youths, devotees and supporters, on 19 th of February 2014 , by Honorable  Guru 1008 Swami Bibekananda Saraswati Maharajji in presence of the Chief District Officer and other Officials from the District Head Quarters.

This gigantic and unique idol was imagined to transform the  society through religion to promote tourism, to help eradicate poverty, promote cultural values and friendship, eradicate negative thoughts and attitudes, promote employment and economic growth and to stablish permanent peace.

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